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Want to save time and money on your trip to Japan while reducing your carbon footprint and simplifying your travel?


90% of travelers expressed frustration about baggage

Many people find baggage a hassle when traveling. In one survey, 90% of international travelers expressed frustration about baggage, whether it be packing, carrying bags in transit, or washing and putting away clothes when they get home.

Planning a trip is one of the most significant stresses in life

According to a survey, 42% of millennial travelers identified “travel planning” as one of their most significant stresses. More than one in eight travelers surveyed spend 15 hours or more researching travel plans. 38% would be willing to pay a friend or travel agent up to USD134 to research them, and 40% would pay more for the trip overall to avoid having to plan it.


Ninja Kotan offers clothing rental and a pre-travel concierge service.

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What We Offer

1. Easy, save time and money

Our clothing rental and travel concierge services make travel to Japan easier. Renting clothes saves you time packing and means you don’t have to carry baggage.

It also saves time washing and putting away clothes after you get home. We calculate that our two services combined will save you a total 26 hours of work: our itinerary service will save you an estimated 21 hours a week spent on planning and research, and our clothing rental service will save you 2 hours packing, 2 hours tending to baggage during your trip, and 2 hours washing and putting away clothes when you get home. That 26 hours equals a monetary value of USD702 (based on the OECD average annual income of USD51,607).




2. Risk of “lost baggage” is zero

Checked baggage can get lost. You can reduce the risk of “lost baggage” to zero. You don’t bring checked baggage by clothing rental.
The global cost of lost baggage in 2019 was USD 2.5 billion. (Source: SITA)

lost baggage

lost baggage


3. Making travel accessible to all

By eliminating the need for heavy suitcases and baggage, we want to make travel easier for everyone, including the elderly, the disabled, and families with young children. Let’s bridge the travel divide. 

Let's bridge the travel divide.

Let's bridge the travel divide.


4. Reduce your carbon footprint while traveling lighter

By not checking baggage, you can reduce your CO2 emissions by 74.5 kg for each leg of your trip to Japan. That’s 21 times the C02 emissions saved by using solar panels for one day and 57 times the daily emissions saved by using an electric car. All travelers can help limit climate change by not checking baggage.


5. Protect wildlife

Every year, more and more species come under threat from climate change. The number of endangered species where climate change is a contributing factor passed 4,000 in 2020. Limit climate change and save wildlife lives.

Protect wildlife


From now on, travel to Japan with nothing but a passport and smartphone!